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Mentoring Works Washington (MWW) is a public-private partnership between the State of Washington and our donors from the corporate, foundation and community leadership arenas.  The organization was formed in 2004 as a source of support for the hundreds of mentoring organizations across our state.

MWW began as the Washington State Mentoring Partnership (WSM) in 1999.  Back then, the organization was a loose-knit group of like-minded individuals who knew that mentoring could make a positive difference in the life of a young person.  There were no full-time employees and only a modest budget, but there was a great deal of energy and enthusiasm.

In 2003, Lt. Governor Brad Owen stepped forward as a champion of mentoring and so began the second phase of our development.  In 2004, with the support of Costco Wholesale, the state’s Department of Social and Health Services, and the College Success Foundation we hired a small staff and began the work of helping mentoring programs succeed.

For the next three years, WSM operated as a program of the College Success Foundation (CSF), whose mission is to provide college scholarships and mentoring to low-income, high-potential youth.  The consonance between our missions was obvious and the partnership has been a steady and successful one.  By 2007, however, WSM had grown large enough that it was time to establish our own nonprofit status.  In order to retain our close working relationship with the CSF, WSM incorporated as a 501 c 3 supporting organization.  One result of that switch was that WSM changed its name to Mentoring Works Washington.

That name says a lot about who we are and from where we’ve come.  All of us who give of ourselves to help young people succeed through mentoring are Mentoring Works Washington. 

The mission of Mentoring Works Washington (MWW) is to promote, support and expand quality mentoring that fosters positive youth development and academic success.  Our vision is a simple one:

  1. That every child in our state in need of a mentor has one.
  2. Each mentor in our state is trained and supported to maximize the positive impact mentoring can have on their ability to thrive and lead, happy, successful lives.

We estimate there are more than 240,000 children in Washington State who could benefit from having a mentor and only 30,000 who have one.  This leaves a gap of more than 200,000 youth without a mentor.

Mentoring Works Washington leads the effort to close this gap by:

  • Maximizing the number of youth each of our state’s existing mentoring programs can serve
  • Creating new mentoring efforts state-wide to support more youth through mentoring
  • Providing professional development, training, technical assistance, and evaluation support to every mentoring program state-wide
  • Infuse the best practices of mentoring into existing youth development relationships (coaches, teachers, camp counselors, youth group leaders)

In order to begin closing this “mentoring gap”, MWW has put two short-term goals in place:

  1. Fuel an increase of 25,000 youth positively impacted through newly-formed, responsibly supported mentoring relationships
  2. 100% of all mentoring programs will show growth in the number of Elements of Effective Practice used in training and supporting mentors and their mentees.

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