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Fueling positive youth development & academic success through Mentoring

The number of ways mentoring can help a youth are as varied as the people involved in each program. While the lists and statistics can be impressive, personal stories can be even more impressive. Take a look at mentoring success stories to see how mentoring works from different perspectives.


Chiquita and Angela

Chiquita and Angela who have been matched for three years exude complete joy when they are together. This means a lot considering all the distractions Chiquita faces at home where she helps take care of her three brothers. Angela and Chiquita are best friends and bond over laughter.


Zola and Jen

Jen and her mentee, Zola felt a connection from the very beginning. They share a love of theater, reading, shopping and going on adventures. Zola calls her mentor, Jen a miracle and is so grateful that Mentoring Children of Promise brought them together.


Maureen and Shania

Little Sister Shania and Big Sister Maureen have been matched since October 2009. Shania's grandmother enrolled Shania in the BBBS program because Shania always wanted a big sister. Maureen had been interested in mentoring because she had always liked kids and wanted to a create a special bond with a Little.


Tevin and Trin

There is something super magical about going to summer camp on Lake Wenatchee, especially when you have an awesome cabin counselor. Tevin did! Two years ago when Tevin was in Trin's cabin that super magic encircled them both.


Chris and Will

Chris was matched with his Big Brother, Will, in July 2010. Chris was 12 and Will was 20. Chris lives with his grandmother who reached out to Big Brothers Big Sisters because she thought a positive, male role model would be beneficial for Chris. Chris and Will meet almost every week and talk in between meetings. When they are together they are very active.


Joshy and Tim

Joshy, a 9 year old Tribal boy, was matched with an eccentric retired special education teacher, Tim. Both of them were looking for a meaningful connection. Joshy had missed many days of school prior to being matched with Tim, a retired teacher. Although very bright, Joshy was falling behind in his academic work.

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